Magic Mushroom

How to grow magic mushrooms has always been on the back of my mind. I finally got around to doing it! After less than 30 minutes of research I realized it’s actually pretty easy. All I needed were the raw… Continue reading

A magic mushroom growing kit contains everything you need to grow hallucinogenic mushrooms, except water and a cool dry place of course. This article is about my experience with different types of shroom kits. Just to be clear, I consider… Continue reading

Granted, there are different types of magic mushroom grow kit in the market. This article will identify and explain some of the more common components relevant to shroom kits. First, I will discuss spawn kits. Second will be spore kits.… Continue reading

Golden teacher mushrooms (Psilocybe cubensis), is known for its mild psychedelic effects. As a general rule, it is illegal to cultivate the same. It is also illegal to be caught in possession of the shrooms whether it be fresh or… Continue reading

Shroom growing kits are easy enough to buy. But in my honest opinion, you only buy these during your first few tries at growing mushrooms. If you do get interested in growing shrooms, you will eventually want to grow enough… Continue reading

Cubensis mushrooms are found in a lot of spore kits. Although cultivating it and ingesting it is illegal in a lot of places because of its hallucinogenic effects, it is usually not illegal to own and sell the spores. Spores… Continue reading

Psycolybe Fanaticus, established by Robert McPherson, is probably one of the best known distributors of mushroom. He is best known for the method that he pioneered for cultivating mushrooms. This method was known PF tek.  After reading more information… Continue reading

A shroom kit is a lot more than just a science experiment that children can use to see how mush rooms grow. People have actually used it to cultivate various mushroom types. At first, I was wondering what people would… Continue reading

Shroom kits are definitely becoming a lot more popular as more people become more interested in growing their own mushrooms. People now have access to numerous kinds of shroom kits. There are also various shops that have spores for sale.… Continue reading

Stropharia Cubensis is probably one of the most common types of mushroom that are grown in shroom kits. Commonly, it is referred to magic mashrooms. It got me thinking, what makes these shrooms so magical? I finally understood once I… Continue reading