A shroom kit is a lot more than just a science experiment that children can use to see how mush rooms grow. People have actually used it to cultivate various mushroom types. At first, I was wondering what people would want to do with shroom kits. Couldn’t they just go to the jungle and pick up wild mushrooms? Better yet, they could just buy it in a can. I would’ve personally much rather cultivate some sort of plant than mushrooms.

Then it hit me, certain gourmet mushrooms can get quite expensive, like Shiitake mushrooms. People will not ever need to buy this from a grocery store if they can grow it themselves. It may take a bit more work, but it will save people a significant amount of money in the long run.


Spores- The First Stage

Once I have figured out which type of mushroom I would like to grow, I purchased my own shroom growing kit. It came with all the necessary equipment to get started on my mushrooms. Even more helpful, it came with instructions with the do’s and don’ts of shroom growing.

It usually takes several days for these shroom spores to grow to mature mushrooms. For successful results, it is very important to follow the instructions step my step, especially if the person is new to growing mushrooms. This will ensure that they will get the results exactly as advertised. Nothing is worse than going through all that trouble then finding out that the entire thing was a fluke.


Spores Characteristics

Mushroom seeds, commonly known as spores, are probably the most important element of a mushroom growing kit. The characteristic of each spore may vary depending on what kind of mushroom it grows into. This is why it is so important for people to know their spore. Spore prints are what make each one different from the other.

I am not saying that people should memorize each print. It won’t hurt to do a bit of research before actually growing these spores. Information can be found online on what the seeds of a certain type of shroom look like. These prints are a vital part of mushroom identification.


The Right Tool For The Right Job

magic_mushrooms_by_notoothusThere is a reason it is called a kit. This means that it has all that a person may need to successfully grow their shrooms. This includes all the mushroom growing supplies. It does not necessarily mean that it comes with mycology supplies. More affordable shroom grow kits come with simple pieces of equipment that are just as effective.

An example of a common tool found in mushroom growing supplies is the mushrooms spores syringe. The purpose of this simple tool is to place the spores in the container where it will grow. This tool, along with several others, is an integral part of the mushroom growing process.


Where To Grow It

Unlike a lot of plants, a mushroom garden is typically grown indoors. This is very important because mushrooms are very sensitive to temperature and humidity. By growing it in an enclosed space, people can easily control these factors that are important to a mushroom’s growth. Growing mushrooms indoors does not require a huge amount of space, just a controlled environment.