How to grow magic mushrooms has always been on the back of my mind. I finally got around to doing it! After less than 30 minutes of research I realized it’s actually pretty easy. All I needed were the raw materials or mushroom grow kit, a bit of water, and a shady place.

Why Grow Magic Mushrooms?

At first, it was out of curiosity. My first love was oyster magic mushrooms. So I started my quest with “how to grow magic mushrooms”. After that came the realization that it’s pretty easy, convenient, and cheap. Another reason is because I want them fresh. If I buy magic mushrooms from the grocery, chances are the same has been plucked a few days, or even a week ago. If I grow my own, I have my year’s supply of mushrooms that are cheap, organic, and freshly plucked.

Home Growing Magic Mushrooms

grow magic mushrooms at homeFirst you go to your local gardening shop and ask about magic mushroom kits. If they have one, great! Ask advice from the proprietor. Tip: I’d take down notes if I were you! You can also go online. When you are conducting an online search, localize the same. For example, I typed “How to grow magic mushrooms at home kit West Virginia.  If you want a particular mushroom, then add to your search words the type of mushroom you want to grow. For example, How to grow shitake mushrooms and kits in West Virginia.

Tip: for first time magic mushroom growers, I recommend you buy mushroom spawns. Remember, spawns. Don’t buy spores. Spawns are easier to grow because they have already been cultivated as mycelia a.k.a. mushroom roots. These usually come in moist sawdust. The latter are akin to seeds and take a lot of effort and know how to turn into mycelia.

Easy Grow Magic Mushrooms

For beginners, it is best to start with the “Easy Trio”. These are shitake, button, and oyster magic mushrooms. They are also the most common types you can buy. In fact, some gardening shops will already sell you self contained kits that are ready for harvest.

Morel Magic Mushrooms

These are magic mushrooms that have a white and thick stem crowned with a honeycomb like dome. Nowadays, these are easy enough to find. But, in my case I couldn’t find one anywhere.  At that time I have already grown several varieties using spawn kits. So I decided that my “how to grow morel magic mushrooms” experience should start from scratch! This is by extracting spores from an actual specimen.

I went out hiking, and found myself a healthy specimen of wild magic mushrooms. I brought it home within a couple of hours. Then I began to extract spores. First, I hung the morel magic mushroom upside down under a petri dish with agar (can be bought in just about any botanical shop). I waited a few hours for the spores to drop. They are visible! I then closed the agar plate and stored for a few days in at 55-80°F. By this time, the spores have already formed roots. I then transplanted it to a rye grass medium. Soaked everything in water for 24 hours then transplanted everything into a potting soil mix!