Granted, there are different types of magic mushroom grow kit in the market. This article will identify and explain some of the more common components relevant to shroom kits. First, I will discuss spawn kits. Second will be spore kits. Take note that everything in a spawn kit will be included in a spore kit. Only that the latter has more components not present in the former.

Different Types of Magic Mushrooms

There are dozens of varieties of grow magic mushroom kit to choose from. The most common are oyster, shitake and button. However, there are plenty of garden shops and online stores that offer the following:

  • copelandia cyanescens
  • golden teacher mushrooms (Psilocybe cubensi)
  • magic mushrooms (Psilocybin)
  • morel mushrooms

Psychedelic mushroom?

Yes, in case you are wondering, some providers do sell them. Yup, this means you can grow your own high. But be wary of state laws regarding the same! Remember, it may be legal in one state to sell it, but it is a different thing you grow it in another state.

Magic Mushroom Spawn Kits

A spawn kit usually includes a magic  mushroom grow box or bag, mushroom growing guide, mushroom spawns, grow mix, sometimes even a spray bottle or syringe.  Spawn kits are so easy that a 10 year old kid can do it. The problem with most magic mushrooms spawn kits is that there is a limited amount of mushrooms you can produce. At best, a regular sized box or cylinder can grow you 2 pounds at one time or several occasions.

Magic Mushroom Spore Kits

growing magic mushroomA spore grow your own hallucinogenic mushrooms kit is a little bit harder to manage. I recommend you start with spawns. You only start with the former when you have mastered the later. This usually includes seeds or spores, a couple of petri dishes, agar, grain medium enclosure, thermometer, alcohol, surgical knife or blade, jar with enclosure, grow tray, etc.

Agar is a growing medium. This allows the spores to grow into mycelia or roots. The agar is enclosed in a petri dish. The alcohol is used to sterilize the knife. This is done when handling the fully cultivated spores. The mycelia is then transferred to more agar, then the seed mix. The same is placed in a container to grow schlerotia. This is then transplanted to trays for added cultivation.


DIY Kits

Yes, grow kits are a bit expensive. After a while, you can actually harvest your own spores from hallucinogenic mushrooms you grew with kits. You can also start ordering other important growing components from your local shop. That is if they do not stock up on magic mushroom growing supplies.

Important Tips to Remember
You can have the best hallucinogenic mushrooms grow kit. But if you do not follow the instructions to the letter, you will fail in your endeavor. Trust me, I know! I’ve actually killed a few kits because I thought I could do with a few shortcuts. Eventually, I realized that an ez grow magic mushroom kit is not in the brand, it’s in proper research and due diligence.