A magic mushroom growing kit contains everything you need to grow hallucinogenic mushrooms, except water and a cool dry place of course. This article is about my experience with different types of shroom kits. Just to be clear, I consider myself an intermediate when it comes to growing magic mushrooms.

Magic Mushroom Plastic Cylinder Kits

These kits comprise of magic mushroom spawns, growing medium, and a cylindrical transparent plastic mold. What you do is scatter the shroom spawns all around the medium, moisten the same, and completely enclose everything in plastic. The open end of the mold is then tied shut with a 1 inch diameter hole left uncovered. You place the same in a dark and cool environment, i.e. under the kitchen sink. You spray water on that single spot every day. And wait for the magic mushroom to grow out of the singular hole. Each cylinder is usually 8 to 12 inches long and 4 to 8 inches in diameter. In my experience, every 2 weeks, you can harvest a single serving per cylinder. For each cylinder, you can harvest 3 to 5x maximum.

Boxed Kits

An ez grow magic mushroom kit in a box has a more pleasing presentation. The box is designed to be durable, moisture resilient, and colorfully designed. The first time I saw one of these, it was a kit for pearl mushrooms. The good thing about this kit is you can wait until the bloom reaches 1 to 2 pounds before you harvest. The bad news is, it’s limited to just 1 harvest; two if you insist. But the resulting second crop will be small and probably good for only a single serving. Tip: Box kits are perfect as gifts.

Potted Kits

These are for serious growers. There are no gimmicks here. In most cases, the kit includes magic mushroom spores or mycelia and a rich growing medium, i.e. sawdust. You then cultivate the spore using the medium and transplant it using your own soil, hay, log, etc.

Relatively speaking, these are cheaper, considering the amount of hallucinogenic mushrooms you can grow with each kit. However, some of these kits are sold by bulk; hence, the more expensive price tag. Tip: I only graduated to big bag kits after I have successfully grown and maintained several cylinder kits. This was after hours of research and preparation, i.e. purchasing the right pots, the right soil, a basic outdoor set up, etc.

Spore Kits

how to grow hallucinogenic mushrooms using kitsSpore kits are much, much harder because you need to grow spawns from spores. This means cultivating them in agar, controlling the initial temperature, turning, soaking, and introduction to growing medium. Then you can start potting or containing each batch.

Think of it this way, spawn kits are like buying tree saplings. The shop has already done most of the growing for you. Magic mushroom spore kits are like buying seeds. Only, you don’t just plant it and water the same. You need to complete several steps before you start planting.

In Closing

Eventually, I graduated from kits. I am now knowledgeable enough to extract spores for wild magic mushrooms. But occasionally, when I cannot find wild magic mushrooms, I buy kits for convenience sake.