Shroom growing kits are easy enough to buy. But in my honest opinion, you only buy these during your first few tries at growing mushrooms. If you do get interested in growing shrooms, you will eventually want to grow enough to keep you well stocked. Below are a few more points for your consideration.


What Variety Do You Want?

Some varieties are easy enough to buy online or via special order with most botanical or garden shops. These types are shitake, button and oyster. Harder to find varieties can be special ordered or bought online. This includes the morel mushrooms.

There are however, some varieties that are harder to buy. Most probably, this is only available online and within discreet specialty providers. Yup, I’m talking about shrooms, magical mushrooms and golden teacher mushrooms to name a few.


Spores Or Spawns

Above board and starter kits begin with spawns. All you have to do is mix, pot and water. But more advanced growers start form spores. This requires several painstaking and exact steps. Simply put, spawns and spores separate the enthusiast from the serious hobbyist/cultivator.


Personal Consumption or Mass Production

Small kits like the box starter or the enclosed cylinder provide low and/or several yields. Other small scale production methods include the cake method and PF TEK. However, if you are into mass production, you need to seriously consider doing it outdoors and/or putting up your own greenhouse.


Growing Medium

Different mushrooms require different growing mediums. But in every case, the same has to be sterilized i.e. heated and/or steamed. Shitake growers use saw dust. Oyster mushroom growers use hay. Button mushroom growers use rich manure compost. Psychedelics prefer the cake method, especially PF TEK (if you know what I mean). These are all easy enough to scrounge up.



Lee-Gass_magic-mushroom-20100630161232-0173webOne of the two hardest ingredients to find: The other being the spores. Agar is a gelatinous substance that is used for baking desserts, and to grow micro-organisms in a petri dish. Of course with the internet age, it is now easy to find the nearest provider, and order agar by bulk. Of course, if you already have spawns or the mycelia, then there is no need for agar.


Important Tips To Remember

When making your own shroom kits, make sure that you know the right components, depending on the type of mushroom you are growing. Also, since you do not have a growing guide, you will need to conduct an online research. Print out the step by step process of growing the mushroom variety. And follow the instructions to the letter.

When crossing a kit with a different spawn and/or spore, make sure the growing medium is compatible. In most cases, you all but throw the kit’s growing instructions. Keep it anyway. You may want to grow that particular variety in the near future. Again, you research online for a more applicable set of instructions.

When hunting for wild mushrooms to cultivate, make sure you know what you are looking for! Remember, some varieties look alike, with minor differences. The last thing you want is to cultivate then taste a poisonous variety due to inexperience.