Stropharia Cubensis is probably one of the most common types of mushroom that are grown in shroom kits. Commonly, it is referred to magic mashrooms. It got me thinking, what makes these shrooms so magical? I finally understood once I figured out what it is actually used for. This is actually a type of psychadellic mushrooms. It has hallucinogenic properties on people when they take it.

Although it is being used all around the world today, it originated in Mexico. Its effects are somehow related to the spiritual world. Of course, the people who first discovered what it can do to a person or anyone else did not know any better. This magical mushroom was used in a various spiritual and healing rituals. This particular type of mushrooms was even referred to as divine flesh.

What Makes It So Special?

Thanks to the advancement of science, we now know that the effects caused by magical mushrooms are not magical at all; instead, it contains four main substances that give the shroom its hallucinogenic properties. These compounds are Psilocin, psilocybin, baeocystin and norbaeocystin. There is no need to get all scientific. Basically, all we need to know is that it is these four substances that make the magicmushrooms so psychedelic.


The characteristics of the shroom

Of course, just like any other mushroom, it all starts out as a spore. It also has spore prints that differentiate it from the rest. Stropharia Cubensis spores are very distinct with its dark purple to dark brown coloration. Once it has grown to a full size shroom, it will have a somewhat yellowish white head. The actual stalk ranges from four to fifteen centimeters.

There is a reason why these magic mushrooms are one of the most commonly grown hallucinogenic mushrooms in the world. It is grown all over North, Central, and South America. It has even made its to different countries of Southeast Asia.


Different Uses

Psilocybe_semilanceata_6514For me, it seemed like all this type of mushroom can bring to people is trouble. However, after going through a bit more research, I was pleased to find out that it can actually be used for purposes that are beneficial to humans.

In the right hands, it can actually help people deal with extreme headaches. There are even studies that suggest that this so-called “magic mushroom” can help treat numerous kinds of mental disorders. Just like anything that is good for people, too much of it can be very harmful. When taking it, people must always be under the supervision of professionals.


Growing It At Home

There is actually a Stropharia Cubensis grow kit that people can actually get. They do not necessarily have to have their own mushroom farm to grow it. A lot of people who have these spore kits usually grow their shrooms for research purposes or as a hobby. There are different suppliers that are found all over the internet who offer spores for sale. Before actually making a purchase, People must always find out if it is legal in their country or not. A lot of these kits are also not meant to grow magic mushrooms for consumption. They must always be careful and do sufficient research.